4 simple steps for assistance
and complete remote control


The remote server
located at Angelantoni headquarters (in Massa Martana, Perugia) hosts the database
for data storage and acquisition.

The climatic chamber
is equipped with an electronic device functioning as an integrated system, allowing for connection to the remote server.

The remote connection
is created by connecting the climatic chamber to the VPN by GPRS/UMTS, or on request by Ethernet connection to an enabled company LAN.

The company network
connection can be set up through a web browser, with access regulated according
to a hierarchy of authentication privileges.

The connection between the climatic chamber and the remote ACS system is managed by a device with integrated VPN technology.
The client establishes a secure VPN connection between the chamber and the ACS server, using a unique certificate provided by Angelantoni.
The user will see the connection appear as a private network, with all communications encrypted in order to guarantee protection for sensitive data.